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18th October
written by Alden

I’m very happy to report that The Gospel Uncensored is now available for ordering (and if you are a Kindle user, it’s available for download today).  I haven’t seen a copy yet myself, but don’t let that stop you from ordering!

Hardcover, softcover and Kindle versions are available through  However, they don’t have any of the paper versions in stock, so it’s probably quicker to order these directly from I believe eventually it will also be available at (Barnes & Noble).

If you would like to order from Amazon, click the “I Recommend” button to the right, and I make an extra nickel or two (believe me, my cut isn’t that much…).

It would also be a wonderful thing if you were inclined to bring in the Westbow ordering info to your local bookstore and ask that they order it for you… you’d save shipping, and they may just order a couple of extra copies. ;-)  And, please tell your pastors and friends about the book.  Please?

Coming Soon

I plan at some point to be able to offer other e-versions from this website, including Sony and iPad, and perhaps the Nook.  I can’t promise when, though.

I am currently writing a study guide for The Gospel Uncensored to use either individually or for a group study, and will make that available here as a free download.

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