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7th December
written by Alden

Many Christians live their lives trying to overcome feelings that they are not measuring up to a perceived set of standards. They either succeed in performing an occasionally impressive collection of dead works, or kill their faith trying.

The truth is, we can’t measure up. The Law kills us every time. Trying to measure up is a sure path to failure and condemnation.

My aunt had this plaque hanging in her kitchen that said, “Only one life / will soon to pass / only what’s done / for Christ will last.”  It sounds very religious, which it is. However, it’s not true.

What it should say is, “Only what’s done by Christ will last.”

All of our efforts to measure up are wood, hay and stubble (1 Cor. 3:12). Dead works. However, if we believe that Christ has measured up for us, then what we do becomes something else entirely. We are then motivated by love and faith rather than by doubt or self-righteous fantasies, doing good works—those laid out by Christ in advance—rather than dead works.

We have enough cemeteries the way it is.

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