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26th March
written by Alden

We continue to hear many positive and encouraging comments on the book. One pastor said, “I often read books through in a couple of hours. This one I’m reading through slowly; for me, it’s pleasure reading.”

Pastor Matt Richard, in his blog and also in a slightly longer review on (giving us 5 stars), writes

“The Gospel Uncensored,” is a fervent book on the grace of God and how this gracious work of Christ leads to freedom. It is a heartfelt plea to the reader to get over “Jesus plus religion” and come back to “Jesus plus nothing.” For it is in Jesus and Him alone that we have freedom.

“The Gospel Uncensored” is a great read, well worth your time and would be a valuable book for a small group setting/study.

(If you aren’t aware, there is also a free downloadable study guide available here, or from the Kindle store for $0.99.)

Thank you all for your kind comments; we appreciate them very much!  (And, of course, continue to encourage your friends to buy a copy, available from all major online booksellers in both paper and electronic formats.)

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