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26th April
written by Alden

The Gospel Uncensored will be featured at the WestBow Press booth at the 2001 International Christian Retail Show Book Gallery (that’s quite a catchy name…), to be held in Atlanta on July 10-13. I wish I could go, but at least my book will be there. Besides being featured on their table, it will also be featured in their promotional handouts at the convention.

The “Show” is the largest gathering of independent Christan retailers in the world, it also draws large chain buyers, distributors, and other important folks. Hopefully one or two of them will notice The Gospel Uncensored.

As much as I dislike the commercial end of preaching the gospel, the fact remains that people won’t read the book if they don’t know about it. And while I don’t mind giving books away (of which I’ve done a lot), it would be nice to sell a few more.

As the day approaches, I’ll post reminders here and on Facebook so those who are so inclined can pray that the right people notice the book (the right people being those who will place large orders…).

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