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1st February
written by Alden

Mac & Louise Jardine are missionaries in Thailand, who were the driving force behind the translation of The Gospel Uncensored into Thai. In their January newsletter, available in its entirely here, he writes:

Ken Blue has published a new book on grace, “The Gospel Uncensored” and Sukit has had it translated into Thai.  Two families who were stranded on their second floors for many weeks because of the flooding read the book.  One lady, Du, cried most of the way through with her old pain coming up.  Another lady, Noy, experienced spontaneous deliverance when she repented for her Buddhist practices.  Our friend, Pink,  has been on the phone regularly with these ladies, talking, explaining, praying with, teaching them how to pray for themselves in their isolation…God has come!!!!

I never anticipated, as I worked on this book, that it would have an impact in a remote part of the world in the midst of a disaster. It just goes to show that when we hand over our measly loaves and fish, we can never know how it will be multiplied.

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