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4th June
written by Alden

I hate to tell you this (it’s a figure of speech), but many Christians believe things that not only don’t make sense, they have no real Biblical basis. For example, the Western world is way more influenced by Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno than we know. Many of the concepts that form our worldview are actually based on works of fiction; some are just superstitions and folk tales.

While I often have disagreements with Michael Patton on theological issues, I do appreciate him and his willingness to think about things. His article Folk Theology: Twenty Urban Legends in Theology is well worth reading.  Here’s one example that will have great importance for some people and how they view their relationship with God:

12. God cannot exist in the presence of sin

This is not true. Yes, the Bible says that God’s holiness will not allow Him to approve of evil (Hab. 1:13).  However, God can most certainly exist in the presence of sin. After all, the Holy Spirit dwells in us, doesn’t he? Satan presented himself to God, didn’t he (Job 1:6)? Furthermore, and most importantly, the Second member of the Trinity lived among us, didn’t he (John 1:14)?

So, check out the list.


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