16th June
written by Alden

While Westbow Press would design a cover for me, I decided I wanted a little more control over the whole process. So, I am working with my son Elliot (a very good design guy) to do a cover design.

Yesterday, we did a photo shoot at what soon will be American Ballet Academy’s new studio. The building is a former Jewish synagogue that is also one of Salem’s historic buildings, and is currently being renovated. As the stage is not only bare but a bit dusty from the renovation, it was the perfect site for Elliot’s concept. I really appreciate Annie taking the time to allow us to do the shoot. I’ll have to remember to give her a copy of the book.

Last night Elliot showed me a couple of rough designs, which are really cool.  I’m excited!  Once he gets the cover refined a bit, I’ll post it here.  Then, all that’s left is for Westbow to complete the whole book design.  I can’t wait- after the many, many hours I’ve put into this, it will be nice to see a finished product!

I’m already thinking about book number two.  I was initially considering a book on leadership (“Ledership: A Dog’s-eye View”), but am now considering a sequel, focusing on the concept of mission and grace–how to carry on the work of the church while maintaining a healthy view of grace.  I’ll probably start blogging on this topic to test the waters.