3rd January
written by Alden

The Gospel Uncensored Study GuideThe Gospel Uncensored Study Guide is designed for both personal use as well as for a more formal 10-week study for churches and small groups. Each lesson consists of additional thoughts related to the text, along with study/discussion questions.

PDF Versions

The full-page pdf format is formatted for standard 8.5 x 11 paper. The small format pdf file is formatted as 5.5 x 8.5, which is more easily viewed on smart phones or e-readers. You can either click on the links below to view the files, or right-click on the links and choose “save as” or “save link as” to save the file to your computer.

The Gospel Uncensored Study Guide – small format

The Gospel Uncensored Study Guide – full page format

Kindle Edition!

The Kindle edition is now available at amazon’s Kindle Store for $0.99 (they insist on a minimum charge).  You can grab it here from the Kindle Store.

29th November
written by Alden

The Kindle version has been available for some time at amazon.com. Now, Adobe ePub and MobiPocket versions are available from BooksOnBoard.com for $7.88.

It’s my understanding that ePub books can be read by the iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and other devices. The Mobi format is supposedly supported by Palm, Blackberry and other smartphones, as well as by the MobiPocket reader.

I’m not an expert on reader formats, but you can check with BooksOnBoard to confirm.  As reported earlier, a number of eBook formats should be available within the next few weeks, and should be showing up on the appropriate sites soon.

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5th November
written by Alden

It is truly amazing how much work goes in to publishing a book in today’s marketplace.  I have to say, I’m glad I’m not doing this all on my own.  Because the book is “POD” – Print on Demand – large distributors like Baker & Taylor use their own POD printer, Textstream, to sell through such retailers as Borders. And, there are more than one of these mega-retailers who need to be notified about the book.  Apparently books don’t just magically appear on bookshelves… even the online variety.

Information about the book is slowly working its way through the book world, so you will find it listed, at various prices, at various locations. I am noticing that the cover image is someone slow to show up at some stores.


The book is already available for Kindle at amazon.com, retailing for $9.95.  It will also be available for download for the Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo at the normal places, as well as at places like Scribd.com and BooksonBoard.com.  They tell me it can take 6-8 weeks for the book to appear at various retailers.  There is no specific iPad version out yet, however there is a free Kindle app that will work.  WestBow is apparently looking into the iPad market.

Again, it is a very complex process, and this definitely falls in favor of working through someone like WestBow, who is set up to handle all of this.  For me, it’s just a matter of being patient, something I’m not always good at.

26th October
written by Alden

I’m happy to report that I just received my first copy of the book (the softcover edition), and it looks great!  The cover came out well, and the pages are on very nice paper.

Hopefully the hardback will be of similar quality; I expect that to arrive in the next day or two, and I’ll report when that arrives.

But don’t wait for me, order your copies today!

25th October
written by Alden

It takes a few days for the title to make it to various retailers, and we’ll try to keep you up to date with where the book is available, especially if they have great prices. Today the book appeared on barnesandnoble.com, at a 28% discount for both the hard and soft cover editions!

That’s a great deal… at this point, I couldn’t even sell them at this price. (I’d like to find out how they can do it, actually…)

We’d like to hear from you

We’d like to hear from you about where you bought the book, how long it took to arrive (if you ordered online), and of course, what you think of the book.  We’d especially like to hear about your experiences buying the book through your local bookstores.  You can e-mail your responses to me here.