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20th February
written by Alden

As I’ve grown tired of waiting for Westbow to get the additional e-book formats distributed, I have started working directly with and BookBrewer to get The Gospel Uncensored formatted for book readers other than the Kindle, including the Nook, Kobo, and iPad. These formats should soon be available through,, as well as from the iBook store.  I just need to work out some formatting issues.  These formats will probably retail for around $9.99, the same as the Kindle price—although I’m going to see if reducing the price is an option.

Check back for more details.

29th November
written by Alden

The Kindle version has been available for some time at Now, Adobe ePub and MobiPocket versions are available from for $7.88.

It’s my understanding that ePub books can be read by the iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and other devices. The Mobi format is supposedly supported by Palm, Blackberry and other smartphones, as well as by the MobiPocket reader.

I’m not an expert on reader formats, but you can check with BooksOnBoard to confirm.  As reported earlier, a number of eBook formats should be available within the next few weeks, and should be showing up on the appropriate sites soon.

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